original signed Artwork for your home, for sale here.

Artists may advertise free. only 10% of final sale price commission required by Lounge Art. limited spaces left for 2017. lounge art offers art for the home rather than for the gallery. Work no longer available is marked by a ♦

Comments from the artists in lounge art……

A painter might wander across the misty lands of Wild England. wondrous colour and sounds grace the senses. in awe of the landscape’s majesty, the painter stops to sketch – fleeting glimpses captured on paper as a distant and dreamlike memory. Back at the studio painting begins. the granite, the quartz or the flint, the soft pastels, the sky, the sea, The blush biscuit sage of moss. The feeling of the dream before it fades. for the eyes and the mind to visit once more, and again.

in the 1980’s a quiet mother waits anxiously for the return of her teenage children, passing the time with embroidery. the back door opens, the teenagers come in and go to their bedrooms. She continues a while so her waiting goes unnoticed and hopes they won’t wake their dad.

a geologist, who is also a sculptor, is fascinated by cliffs. the north coast of France and the south coast of England which perhaps once touched, are a regular muse for painting. MY new sculpture for the conservatory is on it’s way to lounge art.


Original Artworks for you… For your home.